Planning Permission for an Asphalt Plant at Foundry Park, Ilkeston

Planning Permission granted for Asphalt Plant at Foundry Park, Ilkeston

Working on behalf of Dragon Asphalt Ltd, Quarryplan has successfully secured full planning permission for the erection of an Asphalt Plant at lands at Foundry Park, Ilkeston, Derbyshire. The planning application was prepared by Quarryplan, following pre-application consultation discussions with Erewash Borough Council. Technical reports with regards to drainage, noise, and highways were included within the planning application package. Following discussions with statutory consultees, no objections were made to the proposals and planning permission was granted under delegated powers in October 2021.

 The development will be primarily a “collect-style” Asphalt Plant which would serve local contracting companies, utilities companies and Councils who seek to purchase smaller quantities of Asphalt (generally up to 10 tonnes). The development will provide direct employment for up to 5 full time staff, providing a £3.5 million capital investment in to the local area and generating an annual expenditure of over £2.5 million.