Planning Permission secured for Restoration of Quarry with Inert Material

Working on behalf of Gibson Bros Ltd, Quarryplan has successfully secured Planning Permission from Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council for the restoration of a quarry void using inert material at a quarry near to Portadown, Co. Armagh.

The application allows for the importation of suitable construction and demolition waste material in order to deliver an improved restoration scheme and a beneficial afteruse, which is appropriate to the site’s location adjacent to a SLNCI/ ASSI. The permitted development allows for an increase in the ground height across the application site.  The development will result in a number of biodiversity improvements and will improve the visual appearance of the site.

The restoration proposals for the site include the creation of ponds to benefit butterfly, Dragonfly and Damesfly from the accompanying ASSI, tree planting to include species found within the ASSI and installing bird boxes for kestrel and peregrine.

In addition to the enhancement of the biodiversity the scheme will assist with the reintegration of the landform in to the local landscape. As the landform will be constructed from inert soil making materials, the site will be assisted in ‘greening up’ and will deliver target species whilst inevitably featuring various other local plant species which will naturally settle at the site. The development will therefore result in an improvement to the existing site both in visual terms and will result in a net improvement in terms of biodiversity.

In the determination of the application Quarryplan have been able to effectively demonstrate to the Local Planning Authority that the development will be compliant with planning policy and satisfy statutory consultees that the proposals would not result in an unacceptable impacts upon the environment but would instead generate a beneficial afteruse for the site; avoid any potential impacts upon designated sites and be considered to be a sustainable from of development. As a result, the development was approved by the Council under delegated powers with no objections from any statutory consultees.