Planning Permission Granted for Coated Roadstone Plant, Mountfield

Working on behalf of client Northstone Materials Ltd, Quarryplan Ltd has secured planning permission for alternative specification of Coated Roadstone Plant at Mountfield Quarry, near Omagh. Planning permission was originally obtained by Quarryplan in 2007 for erection of a Coated Roadstone Plant and ancillary storage buildings, however for a variety of reasons, the development was not completed.

In 2018 a planning application was prepared and submitted by Quarryplan to ‘non comply’ with a number of the conditions attached to the planning permission to allow the development to be completed with an alternative specification of Coated Roadstone Plant. The planning application demonstrated that that the proposed amended Coated Roadstone Plant had been designed appropriately, is accessible, meets operational requirements, accords with prevailing planning policy and is an improvement in every sense upon the previously approved plant.

The planning application received no objections from statutory consultees and was approved within 8 weeks of submission by Fermanagh and Omagh District Council under delegated powers in September 2018.

The approved development will contribute towards the local economy, generate employment and provide a key service to the local construction market. The development will also allow the applicant to meet contractual obligations for resurfacing and repairing highways across Northern Ireland